Upgrade the efficiency of your operation and experience the production benefits offered by Polydeck Maxi Panels.

It’s easy to be complacent with screen media solutions that require downtime for cleaning and replacement. Improve your throughput, reduced downtime and increased production with the maximum open area and ease of use of Polydeck Maxi Panels.

Work in building materials technology, both aggregates and mining, is an industry and an operation seemingly as old as time, with history of the process dating back to the earliest African civilizations. Some historians recount parts of the rise and fall of Athens due to the access and advances in different types and technologies of building materials. In an industry dating back tens of thousands of years, it’s easy to become complacent when considering success factors and efficiencies in your operation. However, it’s more than possible to design an operation that is efficient and advanced with the right screen media. Polydeck’s Maxi Panel screen solutions can increase an operation’s throughput and production efficiency in countless ways, by reducing downtime and increasing production with their innovative maximum open area design and ease of use.

Throughput is, simply put, a production and success measure. In terms of material processing, it means your screen media is doing its job. Efficient screen media meets your machines where they are, allows for ease of cleaning and replacement, and provides maximum screening of material with as little downtime for plugging and cleaning as possible. For many operations, efficiency is critical especially where resources are limited. Stopping to clear plugs and dealing with low open area is simply not an option when efficiency and sustainability are required of the site.

If screen media is not performing as it should, costly stoppages result, requiring workers to spend hours clearing plugging and getting screens to a place where they can begin production again. Polydeck Maxi Panel screen media provide the opportunity to create the maximum number of openings per square foot on screens. This means higher screening throughput, while still preventing costly plugging and downtime. It’s a significant benefit over costly wire cloth options, which operations often default to when production requirements are high. Maxi Panels offer an advantage over wire cloth when you consider the abrasion resistance of this option and its requirement for multiple change-overs to the cloth each week.

Polydeck’s screen media options and maxi panels offer leading throughput rates allowing our customers to increase the efficiency of their mining operations. Polydeck customer Dufferin Aggregates Butler Pit, located in Cambridge, Ontario has experienced the difference and the improvements Maxi Panels can provide. Dufferin was experiencing significant downtime from pegging, which is what occurs when near size material is wedged in the open area of screen media. With a constant focus on their efficiency and production goals, Dufferin did not waste their time seeking a better screen media solution. After the Polydeck team conducted an on-site screen performance analysis and presented their solutions with a guarantee that Dufferin would experience their desired throughput by making the switch, the choice was simple. The reason for Polydeck’s strong guarantee is simple. Polydeck Maxi Panels are manufactured with efficiency and ease in mind. Many screen media options are simply too rigid to allow materials to pass through. Polydeck Maxi Panels utilize specially formulated polyurethanes combined with engineered panel geometry that allows the panels to flex and retain extended wear life. Maxi panel borders are specifically designed with throughput in mind, featuring relief angles to aid in proper screening. Further, Polydeck Maxi Panels are created using an injection molding process, which ensures accurate, consistent opening area in screens and consistent panel sizing and curing.

Applying Polydeck Maxi Panel solutions to an operation increases throughput not only due to the advanced screening rate accomplished by the maximum open area, but also due to their ease of use. Many screen media solutions require costly downtime due to the hours spent cleaning and replacing the panels. Polydeck Maxi Panels offer operations maximum use time with multiple seasons of wear life and easy replacements. Polydeck’s snap fastening make product change outs, fastenings, and swaps easy and quick.

Increased throughput means higher production and less downtime. Less downtime means more productive hours on site. More production means more return from your site. In short, adding Polydeck Maxi Panels to your operation means you’ll get more from your site than ever before. Throughput is a critical element for success in an operation and no screen media product can compare to the performance of Polydeck Maxi Panels. Their unique, proprietary features mean you will experience higher production than ever before.

Downtime for regular screen media maintenance is reduced with Polydeck Maxi Panels. Less downtime means more production. More production means more success. How do you measure the success of your operation? While the process may be centuries old, the keys to success with screen media lie in today’s technology and the efficiency found in Polydeck Maxi Panels. Increase throughput with the maximum open area and ease of operation offered by Polydeck Maxi Panels.

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