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Easy Installation
Enjoy the ease of installation of Metaldex™ Pro due to its modular design and covered edges.
Long Lasting and Maximizes Open Area
Metaldex™ Pro screen panels are long lasting and maximizes open area for fine sizing and drain and rinse applications in high impact areas.
Sizes available for PolyRail™: 2’ x 2’ sections can be firmly attached to our PolyRail™ system.
Sizes available for Pin-Style: 1’ x 2’ and 1’ x 4’ Pin-Style designs easily and securely attach to our PipeTop II™ stringers or other compatible Pin-Style fastening system.
Aperture Options: From 0.5mm to 1mm depending on fastening system.
Other Available Features: Pin-Style versions available with interchangeable 2" dams, mid-seals, and end-seals.
Steel Options: All options available in stainless steel or hard chrome steel.