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Our rubber screen media can reduce noise levels by as much as 9 decibels. That's a 50% reduction as perceived by the human ear. Its modular design allows for easier installation without potential injuries or back strain from larger bolt-down or metal media.
Polydeck offers various material options and panel thicknesses in our Rubberdex® system that handle issues with wear and blinding, giving you the best solution for your screen deck.
Injection Molding
Injection molded Rubberdex® synthetic blend products experience superior wear life over compression molded rubber. All rubber injection molded panels offer many inherent benefits such as superior quality, faster production rates, better dimensional consistency and with Polydeck's internal tooling capabilities, new features or changes can be made quickly.
Size: Panels are 1ft wide by 2ft long.
Rubber Options: PD65 (standard rubber compound), PD40 ("Flexi" rubber), PD60, PD60HT (used in High Temperatures).
Aperture Options: Square, Slotted, Zigzag (VR), Slotted Zigzag (SVR), and Round.
Applications: Dry, wet, and/or abrasive.