In our Company

There are 5 main ways we support our employees, stakeholders, and community at Polydeck. We call them the 5 C's of Care.

  • Crisis: We want to help people when they need it the most-- In times of crisis, Polydeck Is able to respond to those in desperate need. This includes a car and home repair fund (no cost to the employee), towing services (no cost to the employee), and a non-interest bearing employee loan.
  • Celebration: We love to have fun! We celebrate birthdays, work and wedding anniversaries, Lao New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a family fun day for our families.
  • Career: We provide our employees with the right tools to succeed. We want to help our employees grow into the best version of themselves. This includes providing uniforms, supplies, employee development, and tuition reimbursement.
  • Calling: We want to create an environment where we are caring for the whole person, beyond their job description. This includes a weekly Bible Study (100% optional), the availability of a Corporate Chaplain, counseling services, an on-site nurse, and a wellness specialist.
  • Community: We are intentional about serving our neighbors locally, nationally, and globally. Living out our Core Value of Social Responsibility, we serve with local and national charities, helping those around us who are in need.