5 Reasons You Need to Use Polydeck Trommels

It all adds up to superior throughput capacity, with better availability and drastically reduced downtime for changeouts.

A mill trommel operating at maximum capacity is a critical component of any efficient grinding circuit. Polydeck’s groundbreaking trommel designs combine customization and modularity with the best safety and maintenance features to deliver a solution that makes the most sense for your needs.

Our trommels are more robust, with longer-lasting frames and a wide range of customizable upgrades and media options. It all adds up to superior throughput capacity, with better availability and drastically reduced downtime for changeouts.

But what, specifically, makes Polydeck trommels the best choice?

1. Highest Open Area

Polydeck trommels incorporate our PipeTop stringer system and Maxi screen panel designs to reduce spillage while increasing open area by 25–30% over conventional grid trommels.

2. Safest

All service tasks can be performed from inside the trommel itself. Maintenance crews no longer need to endanger themselves by crawling on the outside of the trommel to change out screens, eliminating a major source of safety hazards. Polydeck’s modular media panels mean more efficient changeouts and more flexible fine-tuning of hybrid/multi-duty setups. Our panels typically weigh less than 10lbs.

3. Longest Wear Life

With optional mounting flanges on both ends, the trommel frame can be flipped to extend wear life.

Fully encapsulating rubber lining for structural tubes and/or ProTop TR stringer protectors (used in small trommels) allow for all structural members and wetted surfaces to be fully protected.

4. Over a Thousand Panel Options

Polydeck trommels offer a range of innovative features to ensure maximum efficiency, such as multiple spiral options for flow control and remnant removal, impact zone panels, and more. We can even customize your trommel for a specific application.

We also have the most extensive selection of trommel-specific screen panel designs. With over a thousand available panel dies, you can mix-and-match using heavy-duty panels in the feed zone, and panels with higher open area in the discharge zone for better screen efficiency while maintaining high mill availability.

5. Fastest Lead Time (2-3 weeks)

With existing tooling specifically designed for trommels, our standard manufacturing lead time for replacement screen panels is two weeks, with quicker lead times often available. This rapid response capability allows Polydeck to react effectively to your ever-changing metallurgical variables.

Polydeck’s trommel solutions are the result of decades of industry experience and forward-thinking engineering. Like all of our products, we stand behind our trommel designs as part of our commitment to bringing the highest-quality service and support to our customers.

Written by Sam Durnavich, Key Account and Regional Manager for Polydeck.

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