Spray Nozzles Make Cleaning Effortless

Polydeck’s polyurethane spray nozzles are designed for one purpose: to deliver water to the screen deck to wash material. Unfortunately, components of spray systems — such as spray bar nozzles — are too often taken for granted and forgotten until they don't work. That’s why we’ve designed ours to be practically maintenance-free. Our patented, self-cleaning polyurethane spray nozzle design has no metal parts to rust and corrode. That helps make our spray bar nozzles sturdy enough to stand up to whatever volume of water your application requires. They reliably deliver the designated amount of water evenly across the deck, without blowing a hole in your screen media. Polydeck’s polyurethane spray nozzles are available in a variety of shapes and configurations.

Crown Adapters Make a Temporary Switch Easy

Polydeck crown adapters offer a simple, economical way to temporarily convert a Polydeck PipeTop II™ system from a flat deck fitted with modular screen panels to a crown deck using wire cloth. Available for use with both our Pin-Style and PolySnap™ fastening options, these screen adapters are molded in different heights to enable a quick, simple switch.

ProStrips Minimize Panel Deterioration

ProStrips are used in conjunction with pin-style and pin & sleeve type panels to minimize the accumulation of fines between the adjoining edges of high wear rubber scalping panels.

Screening Accessories

Polydeck's complete line of accessories provides added flexibility and helps you customize your screen media system to achieve maximum production. For a complete list of screen media accessories, request a copy of the latest Polydeck product catalog of Screen Media Panels, Systems and Accessories.

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